Single Parent Advocate is republising this article written by Lynn Blaney Hess with permission for Single Parent Advocate’s Community of Families. 

Lynn Hess | Making Life Work | Healthy Living Made Simple | Single Parent Advocate | Sam's Club

Lynn Blaney Hess is a copywriter specializing in health and wellness topics and a staff writer for HLMS/Ivie & Associates.  It was originally published in the July/August 2017 Healthy Living Made Simple | Sam’s Club Magazine.

A look at the challenges single parents face and where they can turn for support

 Making Life Work by Lynn Hess for Healthy Living Made Simple Magazine with permission for Single Parent Advocate

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Whether you’re a single mom or a single dad, being a solo parent isn’t an easy job.

Single moms often struggle with self-worth, says Stacie Poythress, president and founder of Single Parent Advocate, a nonprofit that provides training and support for families.  She advises moms to surround themselves with positive people and deliberately choose their perspective, focusing on the good qualities in themselves, their families and their lives rather than comparing their situation to others. “Make a list of all the things you ARE instead of the things you’re not. All types of families can be whole, complete and fulfilled,” she says.

Moms also must take good care of themselves so they can take good care of their families.  Look for low-cost, efficient ways to work out, like an online program to do when the kids are in bed, and consider a meal co-op with other moms to share cooking duties and to save time. 

Single dads often encounter a lack of outside support considering men’s traditional reluctance to ask for help. Dads can also feel uncomfortable in traditionally ‘mom-dominated’ places.   

Whether you’re a single mother or father, daily life can feel like walking a tightrope.  Despite the seemingly superhuman effort, raising kids solo also comes with many rewards, including unique qualities it can instill in your children.  The struggles, effort and devotion are worth it.