Personal Training in Uptown Dallas


Meet the people who make the gym. We all come at health and fitness from different angles because we know all people have unique needs and different goals. As a team, we deliver the results you want and a well-rounded fitness experience.

“Taylor will help you realize your potential. He has been a fantastic trainer!”

– Laura B. | Dallas, TX.

Taylor Metzger

Founder, Lead Trainer, Cooper CPT/BRT

I started working out at the age of 15 knowing nothing. One of my motivators was getting bullied. I was 6’1 and 150 pounds, a grasshopper. Over the years, I learned more and more and decided to get my personal training certification when I was 20. I started out at 24-Hour Fitness and have worked in various gyms since. I now train at one of the best gyms in Dallas where I have been for the last 4 years. It’s a great community and a great place that has allowed me to assemble some of the best trainers and fitness professionals under one roof.

Personal training is extremely fulfilling to me. It’s the best feeling ever to know I have the ability to help change others lives as I have my own. The self confidence that being fit can help anyone achieve is like throwing a stone into water and watching the ripples. My methods are simple: show up, work hard, have a good attitude, be consistent, follow and trust the process. The more you put in, the more you will get out. I practice what I preach, and I better, or why else would you hire me to tell you what to do?

– 13 + Years of Training Experience, Certification from the Cooper Institute – Personal fitness specialist & Biomechanics of resistance training, CPR, Eagle Scout



Michael Jon

Founder, Lead Trainer, Cooper CPT/BRT

As an executive fitness coach, I serve as personal trainer, nutrition advisor and supplement counselor. My clients are busy and demanding, so we work together to tailor a program that will deliver results with maximum efficiency.


Trainer AFAA, ACE Stretch Certified

– Healthy Eating Plans
– Dynamic Resistance Training
– Flexibility, Balance, and Core Work
– Group Work Outs
– Boot Camps
– Healthy Lifestyle Coaching & Workshops


Kathleen Lliff

My personal goal is to be the best rounded athlete I can be. I train for strength, power, and endurance and highly believe in the importance of training for health over aesthetics.
My goal is to help my clients reach their full potential and optimize their overall health.


Trainer NSCA and B.S. Exercise Science, IFPA Figure Pro

– Structured Resistance Training
– Personalized Training Sessions


Ryne Gleich - Dallas Trainer

Ryne Gleich

I moved to Dallas in 2012 and became certified through ISSA as a Strength and Conditioning Trainer shorty after that. I’ve competed in and won the Europa Supershow bodybuilding competition. I’ve worked at a major boxing gym, commercial gyms, and huge indoor and outdoor group training company and have finally called Diesel Fitness my home for training. I’ve taken my 10+ years of training in Muay Thai and boxing, group training experience and my love and passion for individual training and combined them to give my clients a truly unique experience.



– Boxing & Muay Thai
– Group training
– Bodybuilding & contest prep


Jenifer Johnston

Being in Law Enforcement since 1995 has taught me the importance of nutrition, exercise and overall healthy living.  We must take care of ourselves so we have the energy, mindset and ability to take care of others.  I meet my clients where they are at in their life.  Everyone’s life is different and no one plan fits every client.  I take the time to get to know my clients so I am able to help them overcome their  obstacles and come out on the other side having a sense of accomplishment.  I am results driven and my goal is to teach my clients a sustainable way to live and eat so they can feel and look the best they can.



– Nutrition Specialist
– Nutrition Coaching
– Nutrition Planning