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Serious training for those who seek serious results. 5 Dallas personal trainers who span the full spectrum within the fitness industry. Proudly providing all the tools necessary to reach your fitness goals at your convenience.

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“I was freaking out because there was no other option but to lose the weight, because I couldn’t fit into my wedding dress. Butchered Bodies whipped me into shape in no time and everyone was so shocked at not only how fast I lost the weight, but how toned I was! I’ve used other trainers in the past but never got the results I wanted until I found them.”
— Ji Hwang | Dallas, TX

What are the benefits of having a personal trainer? Why not just train on your own or take a group class? The reasons are endless, but let’s start with these:

Accountability.  When you have a personal trainer, it’s like having the worlds greatest gym-buddy who wants to see you reach all your fitness goals and help you get there.  Skipping the gym simply isn’t an option when you know your gym-buddy isn’t skipping the gym, can’t be talked into ordering a pizza instead, and expects to/wants to see you there. At Butchered Bodies we have a 24 hour advance notice cancellation policy, because we know life happens, but also because we want you to put yourself first by putting your health, fitness, and workout first.

Change.   It is so easy to fall into the same routine of doing the same exercises or working out the same muscles in the same manner, over and over again.  A good personal trainer won’t let this happen because, in addition to being boring, repetition also slows results. You need to have different types physical stress on the human central nervous system to see physical change and ongoing results. Butchered Bodies has a team of 5 highly-trained personal trainers that live by this philosophy.  Each trainer, applying their own dynamic training style, will “change” up your work out to help you get you the results you want.   Some big-box gyms have trainers and classes that are restricted by a conservative, corporate training umbrella, and cannot give you the results-driven “change” your work out needs. Butchered Bodies on the other hand is a small boutique-style personal training company dedicated to getting you to “change” up your normal routine to help you get the results you want.

Injury prevention.  Sustaining an injury while being active and exercising is a known-risk; however, injuries can be mitigated or hopefully prevented with the right precautions, knowledge and supervision. Personal training with Butchered  Bodies can help reduce the risk of injury associated with working-out by providing a 1:1 student – teacher ratio.  This is in contrast to group classes where a single instructor can’t possibly keep eyes on all students to evaluate whether proper form is being adhered to.

Knowledge.  While it may be a cliche, it is also a truth: knowledge is power.  You should never sacrifice knowledge when making a health investment for yourself.  When you choose personal training, you are choosing all the knowledge a personal trainer can provide with respect to correct form, focus, and the biomechanics of how your body works/is working during each individualized session.  You will also get input on what exercises work and do not work for your own unique body.  This type of individualized attention and knowledge is simply not available in a group or class setting.

Diet.  If you’re not eating correctly, all the exercise in the world won’t help you.  That’s why at Butchered Bodies we consider your diet a key part of your training regimen. To that end, Butchered Bodies has its very own nutritionist that will tailor a plan specifically to your needs to make sure you have all the right tools in your arsenal to become the best version of yourself possible. We also work with a local company to provide fresh, never frozen packaged meals for our clients available in our office for purchase after every session.

How to Select a Personal Trainer

If you are serious about getting into prime physical shape and boosting their overall health, a high-caliber personal trainer is an expert that you need to see the gains that you want.

One study published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine found that people who work with a personal trainer enjoy substantially better results in terms of fitness goals…

Choosing A Fitness Journey

If you are serious about getting into prime physical shape and boosting their overall health, a high-caliber personal trainer is an expert that you need to see the gains that you want.

To keep your head above water, a fitness buddy is a prerequisite, and that is why Butchered Bodies Personal trainers has decided to stand in the gap and encourage new clients as they start their fitness journey…

Your Personal Fitness During Covid-19 Times

Covid-19 has been and will continue to be an ever-changing, gray area for many of us. During this time, your personal fitness and health should be one of your top priorities. In order to preserve the personal fitness results you’ve achieved so far and to hopefully make new, positive changes during this tough time, patience and consistency is key…